Building our PVC Greenhouse – Done!

Last night, the wind picked up and with no plastic over the tunnel portion, our little PVC greenhouse masterpiece got buffeted around a bit. Those plastic covered ends act like little wind sails, and the frame bangs against the house half the night. By morning, the bars down the middle of the top had shifted all over the place and a few had come out of their fittings.

So today, we put fastening screws into the top bars (the plans we were pseudo-following had said to leave them unsecured). We hadn’t planned on finishing up the greenhouse today because we didn’t have a lot of time, and there was more bad weather forecasted. But after last night, we thought it best to cover the tunnel to keep the “sail effect” from ripping our frame apart (and banging the house all night long again!)

Even before we had all the snap clamps in place, we felt a noticeable increase in both temp and humidity inside the greenhouse which was exciting for us! We’ve been having nice weather the past week, so our soil in our raised garden beds was already workable, but it still wasn’t warm enough for planted seeds to germinate. With the addition of the greenhouse we are hoping to get a jump on the planting season.

We weren’t the only ones who got excited about what was happening inside the greenhouse…it’s apparently such a cool “fort” that kids don’t mind pulling weeds in exchange for being allowed to hang out inside. I broke out my shovel to help loosen some of the weeds, and quickly became aware that I’ll have to be careful wielding long-handled garden tools to prevent inadvertant plastic poking incidents.

Securing the tunnel plastic and checking all the seams only took us about half an hour. So the total time it took us from beginning to end to build our PVC greenhouse was only 3 1/2  hours. We feel pretty confident that we could build a second one in 2 hours, or less even, now that we know what we are doing. Once my planting is done in a few weeks, I will write a very detailed How To Build a Mobile PVC Greenhouse set of instructions so that others who want to build a cheap, moveable PVC greenhouse can avoid some of the troubleshooting and adaptation that we encountered. (I am specifying that this greenhouse is mobile, because there is also a method of building a PVC greenhouse that cannot be easily picked up and transported like this style can be.)

Greenhouse Plastic Mostly Installed

It was a good thing we got the greenhouse enclosed today, because the wind picked up a lot again in the late afternoon. Fully enclosed, the greenhouse no longer rocks to and fro, hitting the house. And as long as both the window and door are latched shut, our little homemade PVC greenhouse structure is holding it’s own against the elements!

Homemade PVC Greenhouse After Spring Snowstorm

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