Building our PVC Greenhouse – Progress

Phase 2 of our PVC Greenhouse Build

Today we finished assembling the PVC framing for the door and window, secured all joints with fastening screws, and stretched plastic over the ends of the greenhouse. We worked for about two hours total today, including time to correct ‘mishaps’.

It took two of us to align and secure the door frame because with the curve at the top, the uprights have to be forced into straight and the only way to keep them there is to fasten with screws.

To secure the plastic over the PVC, we used 270 degree PVC “snap clamps”. There is a trick to putting these on to ensure that

  1. the snap clamp corners don’t poke through the plastic
  2. you have enough turn radius to pull the plastic taut after the clamp snaps on

When we were done, we were standing back proudly admiring our work when we realized that because of the way the snap clamps work, we should have put plastic on *INSIDE* of the greenhouse ends. That way, when we get to the point of securing the plastic over the top of the greenhouse, the clamps will snap on at the same angle for both the end plastic and the top plastic. We carefully removed the plastic and re-installed it on the inside (note the excess plastic should be on the outside of the greenhouse structure).

The first time we put the plastic on, we were worried about putting the greenhouse film on too tight, and ended up with too much slack. Second time around, we knew better what we were doing and managed to get the plastic pulled mostly flat with only a few pull lines here and there. The door end was more complicated than the window end because there were hinges, a door latch, and a lot more fastening screws to avoid (if you aren’t careful, they can snag the plastic).

Once again we stood back to admire our handiwork…and noticed that the writing on the plastic that said “this side faces soil”, was facing the outside of the greenhouse. Since we are using 4 yr anti-condensation greenhouse film, there is an inside facing side and an outside facing side to the poly. Of course, we were so excited to be putting the greenhouse plastic on that we forgot to pay attention to which side of the plastic faced in vs. out, and so we got to stretch and snap clamp the plastic onto the door end yet a third time…

PVC Greenhouse Film Installation

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