Pear Tree Planting Perfectionism

Soil was just right for digging today, so in went the new pear tree. We took a gamble and started digging in a spot where a previous tree had been (we took it out years ago, but hadn’t pulled the roots), so there was potential for battling underground nasties, but it went fine. The nursery had told me I could leave the burlap on and plant “root ball” style, but it sorta fell off by itself so we planted “bare root” style instead.

Didn’t get pics of the actual tree planting process — both our hands were full and no photo deputies nearby. The tree ended up not exactly centered in the hole, but if I breath deeply and let my perfectionism dissipate, I should be able to go on with life…Besides, grass around the base of fruit trees sap away its water supply and also increases the likelihood of  rodent and insect infiltration (since there is nearby vegetation for them to feed on), so I’ll probably widen the watering basin anyway and can reshape and make it all symmetrical at the same time.

Phew. I feel better now.