Seed Starting in an Automatic Sprouter

Tomato Seedlings Started in an Automatic SprouterI have an EasyGreen Automatic Sprouting Machine in my kitchen which I use year round for sprouting various edible seeds/beans/legumes. Eating fresh sprouts is something easy you can do really boost your vitamin, phytonutrient intake, and is an awesome way to have fresh greens all through the winter — but raving about sprouting is fodder for a different website. The reason I’m mentioning my sprouter here is that I remembered reading in the owner’s manual that the machine can also be used to do seed starting for vegetables to be transplanted a summer garden. So, as excited as I was to start my seeds early in our new PVC greenhouse, I was curious to see if the automatic sprouter would do the job faster. So when I tackled my seed starting on April 10th (6 days ago), I split up my tomato starts, and put half in the greenhouse, and half in the automatic sprouter. I have since diligently (for the most part) watered and misted the six in the greenhouse 2-3 times per day. The automatic sprouter was set to mist on a schedule 4 times a day for 15 min each time.

…and only 6 days later, the winner is…

Easygreen Sprouter

EasyGreen Automatic Sprouting Machine

The Automatic Sprouter!!

All six of the tomato seedlings from the sprouting machine are up and about an inch tall. Not a single one is peaking through yet in the greenhouse batch. Does that mean I should be watering those more? Or maybe the temp drop at night, though not below freezing, is causing the greenhouse tomatoes to take their time?

I’ll be starting another batch of seeds tomorrow. I’m not planting any more tomatoes, but I’ll put some other seed starts in sprouter vs. greenhouse to verify my results.

Eco note: Some might argue that using an electric sprouter is not eco-friendly due to power consumption for a process (sprouting seeds) that can be achieved without the use of electricity. But on the other hand, the misting system in the auto sprouter uses a LOT less water than does other methods of sprouting that wastes water with repeated rinsing and soaking. For sprouting vegetable starts, the combination of water conservation from the enclosed misting system and the shorter sprouting time has good potential to offset the electricity consumption.